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FOLDBACK Magazine Inc. is an Incorporated Association under the Associations Act – Section 9 (NT). Incorporation was granted on 13 February 2015. FOLDBACK Magazine is currently a not-for-profit enterprise and consists of five main operatives.

FOLDBACK Magazine is currently in the development phase, focusing on securing appropriate grants, sponsorship and advertising.

The concept of FOLDBACK Magazine originated from the creative aspirations of its current Chairperson Jean-Eddy Moutou and his desire to contribute and build the capacity of the Darwin, and broader Northern Territory, live music scene.   

FOLDBACK Magazine was developed to build the capacity of Northern Territory’s live music scene. It will do this by actively professionally recording original live music performances to promote the local industry and, with modern social media and other web-based technology make high quality video production and distribution relatively easy and cost-effective. The physical Magazine will be distributed for a large audience and will showcase the variety of music on offer in the Territory, while promoting local venues and businesses to provide an appealing read for musicians, locals and tourists alike. The FOLDBACK concept will take advantage of the professional skills of the FOLDBACK team; Jean-Eddy Moutou, Steve Kelk, Julia Taylor, Wan Irawan, Rozi Katip, Geoffrey Hulme and other contributors to promote existing artists, create opportunities for up-and-coming acts and overall further the local original live music scene.

The name ‘FOLDBACK’ was inspired by Amy Hetherington. ‘FOLDBACK’ relates to the name given to the stage amplifiers that point back towards the artists so that they can hear themselves in ‘real-time’ and avoid the sound delays experienced if only listening to the amplifiers behind them pointing towards the audience. The term ‘Foldback’ has symbolic meaning in that FOLDBACK Magazine’s publications and outputs will feed information back to the artists, the venues, music lovers, and indeed anyone looking for a great local experience.

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