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Gaia’s Halloween set at Happy Yess

Happy Yess, October 31 2015

Gaia is an indie band with attitude. Not the kind of attitude you’d expect from teenagers, but the attitude you expect from a bunch of musicians who understand their craft.

Performing at Happy Yess over the Halloween weekend, Gaia where nothing less than impressive.

Each member of the band carries a shy humility off stage, but on stage they look comfortable like they’ve been doing this music thing since forever.

Foldback writer Steve ‘Habibi’ Kelk says, “I picture Janice Joplin having a slightly more indie Led Zeppelin as a backing band”, when he listens to Gaia.

I understand what he means. There’s a certain recklessness in lead singer Stevie’s voice that is reminiscent of the 70s.

Kyle, Dakota and Baden comfortable vibe on guitar complements their lead singer’s vocal capability. And Luke’s presence on the drums completes Gaia.

Overall, the set at Happy Yess is a clear indication that Gaia has set the standard for bands around the Northern Territory.

Check out their clip from Happy Yess on our YouTube.

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