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Resin Moon Shoots Straight From The Heart With Bow & Arrow

Words by Steve Kelk | Images Supplied

Consistency of quality means a lot when an established artist proffers further works for public consumption. Alice Springs-based artist Resin Moon (aka Dave Crowe) never fails to produce quality music, both in listenability and in production. With the steady and methodical hand of the trained medical scientist that he is, Resin Moon has once again raised his own high bar with his latest track ‘Bow & Arrow‘, out now on his Sing Hum label.

Resin Moon

Bow & Arrow‘ has a very retro 80’s feel without the schtick or schmaltz. It is very Resin Moon in feel – anthemic, although at 3m 42s does not ponder too long and wear out its welcome. It sits just right and would be welcome in any chill mix list.

This is a rather pared-back track musically, relying more on the lyrics to carry the listener to the desired destination. It is subtle, airy, enveloping rather than striking – a velvet glove approach if you will. You will drift lightly in a warm blanket rather than be pulled hither and yon.

The production features the ultra rare Yamaha CS-80 synth, a 1970’s Minimoog and live marimba. 

The etherealness of ‘Bow & Arrow‘ seems to be a direct result of how the track came about. Delirious with a fever, Resin Moon wrote the song in an hour at 3.00am one morning and quickly shared a rough version amongst his contemporaries. He has captured that fever-dream-like quality, albeit a pleasant one, to produce a love song dripping with 80’s electronica nostalgia. It is no secret that Resin Moon was captivated by electronic music from a young age and this track pays homage to that early period.

Nothing is going to make a track sound retro more than using retro gear, and Resin Moon has made full use of his resources to achieve that. The production features the ultra rare Yamaha CS-80 synth, a 1970’s Minimoog and live marimba. The track was mixed by Dave Crowe in Alice Springs and mastered by Mike Marsh (Taylor Swift, Chemical Brothers) in London. Organic, analogue and entirely Resin Moon – he has taken the harder road to produce a work of art that would be lessened by a purely digital approach. ‘Bow & Arrow‘ is oil-on-canvas, not Adobe Suite.

Resin Moon will be performing live at this year’ Wide Open Space Festival outside Alice Springs (if you are one of the lucky ones to score a ticket). In the meantime, ‘Bow & Arrow‘ is out now on Spotify and all the usual streaming services – here is the Spotify link:

*We are told to expect a very special video for ‘Bow & Arrow’ to drop shortly – watch this space.

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