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Cabaret Comes To The Railway Club

Words & Pics by Steve Kelk

Off The Rails was, well, off the rails! The NEO featuring everybody

Foldback did something a little different two weekends ago – we took some snaps at the Darwin Railway Club for their burlesque event Off The Rails Cabaret! What a great night! Awesome to see variety in the live entertainment on offer in the Top End. Burlesque, cabaret, stand-up and improvised comedy, dancing and of course live music and a DJ set to see the night out!

Mein Host – Robbie Hoad

A very well-attended event, cabaret-style shows are popping up more and more in the Rails repertoire of entertainment and we say ‘about bloody time!’ From the event flyer (Facebook):

The Yin Yang Tang Collective present: Off The Rails Cabaret! The NEO, Solid State Circus and Darwin’s Divine Dancers are this month joining with Rixs Kix Dance Co, The Femme Funkale DJ’s from Tropodelica, comedians Rusty Rhubarb, Leah Potter and Mia Stanford for a massive night of entertainment at the Darwin Railway Club. Hosted by Robbie Hoad, the show Incorporates burlesque, comedy, dance, live music, circus and more, this show celebrates the return of the wild variety night with performers of all styles and flavours. Prepare to laugh, cry, celebrate and gasp in amazement and bewilderment *We understand that Solid State Circus couldn’t make it this night but take it from us, it was your loss 🙂

While the entire night was one of hilarity and hi-jinx, The Divine Dancers burlesque show certainly offered something different to the Rails crowd, with a performance each from the wonderfully skilful Millie Devine and the up-and-coming The Apprentease Northern Territory winner Angelina Bristol keeping the audience spellbound.

Angelina Bristol
Millie Devine

The NEO Trio provided some light musical comedy relief (it was a relief for them when they lost their sarongs, certainly) and a little bit of stand-up is always welcome in the form of Mia Stanford and Leah Potter, both ladies telling it like it is in no-holds-barred comedy.

The NEO Trio
Mia Stanford
Leah Potter

Rixs Kix Dance Co. filled the stage (literally) with dancing talent for an enormously wonderful display of choreographed athleticism. Clearly passionate, these dancers do it for more than just the Kix (see what I did there).

Rixs Kix Dance Co.

Improv comedy had everyone in stitches with some interesting guesswork as to what those ‘hand-actions’ actually meant.

Mein Host got to play with knives – the people in the front row somehow stayed there.

Then there was a very cool rendition of Minnie The Moocher from Rusty Rhubarb accompanied by, well, everyone, before The NEO came out in full formation to rock the house.

Rusty Rhubarb

After all that, the dynamite dynamic DJ due from Femme Funkale brought the beats to see the night out – biggest smiles ever from the stage with these two and we are not surprised.

Well that’s a wrap! What a great show – lets see more of it!

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