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DeadBeats Bring It To Darwin & Alice

Words & Pics by Steve Kelk

The Prodigious Sons of Territory Hip Hop Return for the Dopest of Shows for Vivid Pictures Launch

DeadBeats – Threat3 & Dan The Underdog

It’s a long way to the Top (End) if you wanna rock but that is how they roll, these two. Dan The Underdog (Dan McAleer) and Threat3 (Brendan Sellick) sent it and then brought it from their stint hanging in Brisbane. But being true to their roots is what it’s all about and, with a great support crew and a loving fan base turning out for them, they couldn’t ask for a better party.

We wrote of the Vivid Pictures release back in June and we were blown away by the professionalism and effort these two sons of hip hop brought to the table, ably supported by some of the finest collaborators in the scene both in Australia and the US. At the time we wrote:

“Territory ex-pats DeadBeats have released their magnum opus ‘Vivid Pictures‘ and boy-oh-boy have they nailed it. DeadBeats is a collab made up of Dan the Underdog & Threat3, both hip hop veterans who have staked their claim well and truly over the years but, with this work, they have reached new heights and set a bar for others to aspire to. The name ‘DeadBeats’ is synonymous with them ‘murdering instrumentals’. ‘Vivid Pictures‘ is murder in the first degree without the possibility of parole – once you’re in, you’re in – what sweet aural punishment this LP is.”

The Happy Yess ain’t no Rikers Island but sheesh if they put on shows like this in that clink every weekend, peeps would be banging on the gate to get in. In true hip hop form, plenty of crew got up to drop fine bars before the main attraction and we were blown away by not only the rhymes but the stage antics. Particular shouts to Tay Tantra who literally made the hairs stand up on the arms of those watching with some of the deepest, most powerful rhymes this writer has witnessed first hand, and Popkorn Stu for the stage antics that had to be seen to be believed.

Kaotik & Dan The Underdog
Tay Tantra
Tay Tantra
Popkorn Stu
Popkorn Stu

Space prevents us from dissecting the whole Darwin shebang. Take it from us, the performances were dope AF all round. The hosts Kaotik, Marshay Logan and Katanga Junior, along with spinner Triki Siickest kept things humming and no momentum was lost throughout the evening – big ups to them mob hey.

Triki Siickest & Crew

We hear the Alice Springs gig went orrf just as much and we woulda been there if we coulda been there but take it from us, if the HY gig was anything to go by, it fucking was. But don’t just take our word for it – here is a post from DeadBeats themselves telling it like it was about both shows:

“Safe to say the NT Tour was a huge success, super happy with the turnout at both shows, we’re lucky to live in a part of the world where we even get to do stuff like this and in sayin that, NT turned the fuck up!!! Big ups to everyone that came down, we fed off ur energy and it allowed us to do what we do!!! Everyone that copped a CD, USB, hat, tee, that really keeps us going in the age of streaming, Thankyou for ur support… Special shout out to Jennifer Almirez & Bowcha Timbo who rolled wit us the whole way, held down merch, shot video, took photos… even cooked for us and were just generally awesome to have along for the ride, all the support acts that brought they peoples in and absolutely smashed they set… and stuck around and got rukkus for all the other acts AJ Satour, Atom Ab-Dalla, Ferdie Flordeliza, Popkorn Stu, Fernando Lewis Martinez, Kaay Wilson, Taylor Bruss, Tay Tantra, Miranda Garling, Lee Marie Hewitt, Darma Kalon Katie, Jordan Champness, Mash Mash Gai, Kxng Jay, Zed Red Williams, Malcolm McDonald, Hugh Winterflood we see y’all…

That means a lot!!! The DJ’s Triki Siickest & Kina N Tris that held down our set and kept the people dancing before , after and in between, y’all killed it!!! The Hosts Kyle Kaotik Doevendans, Marshay Logan & Katanga Junior, it’s such an important job and it sometimes gets overlooked, we really appreciate y’all!!! Teghan Hughes & Dennis Beecher who had the biggest jobs of the night, and kept us and all the other acts sounding good throughout, y’all really work miracles!!! And of course the venues Happy Yess and Epilogue Lounge that really support independent music and make a tour like this even possible, we love y’all!!! Videos coming soon… if u took a pic/video during the show, feel free to post below, thanks again NT!!!”

So yeah – check out the rest of the flicks from the Darwin gig below and lets hope the collaboration just keeps getting better and better. These hip hop night are always a pleasure for Foldback to cover, what with the finest of art and much love all round – more of it please!

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