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Stevie Jean Menaces With New Single

Words by Steve Kelk | Images by Steve Kelk/Rachel Younger | Cover Art by Stevie Jean/@willrxberts

‘Menace’ is an audio cage-fight that guarantees a quick submission

If you are brave enough to get in the octagon with Stevie Jean on ‘Menace‘ you had best be prepared. This is a no-holds-barred, bared-teeth Stevie Jean telling you straight up what’s what.

The MMA analogy was immediately apparent upon first listen – one can imagine this as the best walk-out song ever. But this is not about glorifying violence – this is about a seething undertone of independence, a ‘take-me-or-leave-me’ stance (or ‘I’ll take you then leave you’) – and no-one cages Stevie Jean.

Stevie Jean & band at Foldback BBQ Sessions

Menace‘ starts off with a subtle deflection before reigning down full bore into a raucous chokehold – Stevie makes you watch her left jab while she winds up her right hook. Full of confidence and sass, Stevie Jean knows her musical jiu-jitsu well. She’s a contender all right.

Stevie Jean at the Darwin Entertainment Centre

With full band and in full-flight, ‘Menace‘ makes for a radio-boppy danceable track – Stevie Jean’s deceptively sugar voice belies a jalapeno underneath – you know it’s there but you will bite anyway. Resistance is useless.

Menace‘ is out now on all the usual streaming platforms – settle in and give it a spin. Spotify link here:

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