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Alice Springs Blues-rock Band Purple Patch

Alice Springs blues-rock band Purple Patch have released their first single and music video Know 2 Well off their debut EP “Patchworks Vol. 1” showcasing the rugged desert landscapes of their homelands with their tongue-in-cheek rock’n roll aesthetic.

Recorded and produced by lead singer and songwriter Darcy Davis as a labour of love project, Know 2 Well is a song about the life of an artist surviving on the ‘smell of an oily rag’ while staying committed to the dream of being a musician.

“Being a broke musician is something we all know too well” says Darcy, also the band’s keyboardist, “but we are determined to keep grinding until we get somewhere.”

Purple Patch are a four-piece band; blending dirty organ riffs with burning electric guitar, snappy bass and pounding drums to create a refreshing new sound from the centre of Australia. They have developed a ‘sundried-psych’ sound that draws influence from classic rock and funk, conjuring feelings reminiscent of a bird-of-prey soaring over desert landscapes in slow motion. 

The Know 2 Well film clip opens with lead guitarist Simo King hitching a ride into town from Larapinta drive. Anybody who lives in Alice would have witnessed Simo’s stoic daily pilgrimages into the CBD to busk and sell his original music CDs, living the true lifestyle of a ‘hungry artist’.

Local filmmaker Andre Sawenko captured the band aesthetic through the lens of a dashboard GoPro, drone footage and wide shots to capture the epic rugged outback landscapes.

The ‘Patchworks Vol. 1’ EP has been made possible by Friends of Araluen and Alice Springs Town Council

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