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Resin Moon Releases “Shake Your Booty (At An Appropriate Social Distance)”

Words by Steve Kelk/Resin Moon | Images Supplied/Youtube

We all like to have a bit of fun every now and then – and with the seriousness of the current COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world, having a bit of fun is perhaps the best way to get a serious message out – that of social distancing.

Alice Springs-based electronica producer Resin Moon (aka Dave Crowe) and his music scene friends in Central Australia (and indeed around the world) put on their best boogie pants for some self-isolation videos to go with his new catchy little number ‘Shake Your Booty (At an Appropriate Social Distance). The track is released today on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and all the usual digital platforms, as well as on Bandcamp where you can purchase for direct download.

*Importantly, all profits will go towards the Northern Territory music scene’s recovery, which has been decimated by social distancing restrictions, like everywhere else. Well done Dave and crew for taking the initiative for such an important cause.

The electro-soul banger is equal parts public health message and a call to boogie at a time of uncertainty. Featuring Alice Springs rapper Darcy Davis and the gyrating sax licks of Ed Francis, the song follows the challenges of a romantic relationship during a time of self-isolation and social distancing.

The music video features a collage of fans around the world, dancing to the track at home in isolation. Resin Moon explained: “I sent a call out for self-isolated booty shakers, and was overwhelmed with videos. Some were world class dancers, some were really weird and a few were totally inappropriate. The cheekiest videos got censored or didn’t make the final cut…”

Resin Moon is known for his favourite stage outfit being a ‘Dupont Tyvek’ – style hazmat suit – Dave Crowe is a medical scientist by training and no doubt the irony of the COVID-19 situation is not lost him – perhaps a case of ‘life imitating art’??

*You can purchase ‘Shake Your Booty (At an Appropriate Social Distance)’ via Bandcamp and help your fellow Territorian musicians, venues and crew here:

In the meantime, enjoy Resin Moon’s video below – and keep your distance! (but stay connected – because we need each other now more than ever). Stay safe everyone!

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