The Harry Macintosh Project – Experimental Punk Is Not Dead

This is an unusual one for us. Unusual in that The Harry Macintosh Project is a band from the UK but their guitarist and main songwriter, Thomas Jessen-Cox, moved to Alice Springs a couple of years ago and formed up Adjuster, plays in Bug-Eyed and plays live with local EM maestro Resin Moon (aka Dave Crowe), their first gig together being last year’s Wide Open Space Festival.  The Harry Macintosh Project is therefore on an indefinite hiatus due to Jessen-Cox’s geographical absence from the UK scene – which is a damned shame because they are very, very good at what they do. If we are lucky and the stars align, we may see them tour Australia and in particular the NT – this is not out of the question. Forming in Berkshire, UK in 2005, The Harry Macintosh Project toured extensively around the UK and gigged sporadically up until Jessen-Cox’ and his wife Kate moved to Alice Springs in March 2017 to take up education roles at Yirara College, with Thomas teaching music and Kate taking the role of Classroom Assistant. A culture shock yes, but Thomas and Kate do not regret the decision to gain a better life for themselves. This, … Continue reading The Harry Macintosh Project – Experimental Punk Is Not Dead