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Adelaide Chanteuse ‘MANE’

Announces new single ‘Bitter’ and debut ep ‘House of Horror’

Photos courtesy of On The Map PR.

Mane 4 lo-resThe enigmatic chanteuse, MANE has today announced her new single, Bitter to be released on June 10, alongside a fast-paced, abstract video directed by Benjamin Lancaster Powell. Bitter is the first taste of MANE’s debut EP House of Horror, a bluesy exploration of darkness, set for release on June 24. MANE will be hitting the road to celebrate the release in July, kicking off in Adelaide at The Bluebee Room on July 15, moving through Whole Lotta Love in Melbourne on July 24, and wrapping up in Sydney at The Newsagency on July 29.

Haunting and distinct, Bitter is an intriguing release, completely characterised by MANE’s irresistible voice. With catchy hooks that marry pop and blues influences together flawlessly, a driving percussive force, and intricate, edgy production values, Bitter is a venomous reminder to stay away from the bad side of a good songwriter. The woman behind MANE, Paige Renee Court, says of the release, “Bitter was inspired by a very evil, manipulative person – someone who was once very close to a family member of mine. I usually only write songs that are personal to me, but this song became an exception that flowed out onto the page of my songbook within a matter of minutes. If I’m totally honest, it’s probably too nice of a song for this particular person, knowing what I know now.”

The video for Bitter is a visual reflection of the ubiquitous contempt that propels the track. MANE stands alone, silhouetted and soaked in flashes of psychedelia. Directed by Benjamin Lancaster Powell (Aspirations) of Lightreel Films, the video is visceral and forward-moving. On the clip, Court says, “The concept of this clip is to project the attitude of the track through some abstract images and edits. It’s a fast-paced song and we really tried to keep the pace of the clip going with it.

Mane 5 lo-resProduced by Jack Hookey (Harry Hookey, Imogen Clark) at Kanutsens Studio, the House of Horror EP is a melancholic, soulful journ
ey through the human experience. As an avid fan of a variety of different musical genres, MANE calls upon an array of influences to inform her unique brand of blues-inspired popular music. Court says, “The making of the EP was a bit of journey in itself – I went in with a really open mind and didn’t want to shut myself off to any ideas. House of Horror explores a lot of darkness that has been a result of past experiences or the experiences of others, whether that be resentment, self doubt, death or depression. It all comes under the one roof.”

To celebrate House of Horror, Mane will be embarking on a national tour in July. Excited to be hitting the road, Court gives audiences a hint of what to expect from her live show, saying “The live shows we have planned on the House of Horror tour are going to be fun! Some shows will be performed more stripped back, similar to how I wrote the tracks on the EP, while others will be with the full band.”

New single Bitter is out June 10
New EP House of Horror is out June 24

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