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Phoebe Olivia Releases ‘Honeymoon’ Debut EP

Words by Steve Kelk | Live Images by Steve Kelk | Cover Art Supplied (Settle Down Records)

Phoebe Olivia performing at the Darwin Street Art Festival Sept 2021

Phoebe Olivia is a clear example of why young aspiring artists should follow their dream as early as they can. The 19 year-old singer-songwriter from Darwin has been hitting stages around town doing solo and band performances for several years, slowly but surely building her craft and confidence while maturing into the artist she is destined to be. Her debut EP ‘Honeymoon‘ is the first dividend produced by all her early hard work.

Phoebe’s ‘Honeymoon‘ is very different from the shy teen playing solo with an acoustic guitar on the Bamboo Stage at Darwin Festival a few years ago. Sassy electro-pop with very classy R&B feels, radio and club-friendly tracks, catchy and danceable throughout – this EP is a clarion-call for a brilliant career in the making. As part of the Settle Down Records family, Phoebe’s look and style has evolved to fill a niche that has gone begging in the local scene for way too long, and ‘Honeymoon‘ definitely has the oomph to go national.

This 5-track EP is expertly produced and arranged by the Settle Down crew and provides the perfect platform for Phoebe’s voice to shine through. Each song has a distinct personality and direction, making it very listenable and giving it wide appeal. It twists and turns in a very pleasant way, demonstrating Phoebe’s artistic range and vision.

Think Twice‘ immediately gives you a hit of sweet vocals and gently eases you in to the rest of the EP. Written two years ago, this track was the beginning of Phoebe’s journey away from the guitar and into new territory – a path well-chosen. Debut single ‘Waiting For You‘ keeps you guessing for a few seconds then hits you in the chest with bass-and-drum that is going to move you. This song has 10.00pm time-slot at Bass In The Grass written all over it.

This Ain’t‘ is subtle and immersive, lyrically thoughtful and enjoyable in any setting, while ‘Crazy‘ is incredibly radio-ready – a pop-anthem that will be hard not to sing along to on the club dance floor – this will get some airtime.

Phoebe brings it back a bit with her last track, ‘Overtime‘ – subtle and from the heart, it closes off the journey for the listener. Sweetly sad, the eponymous ‘honeymoon’ reference in the lyrics is very relatable for anyone who has been in a relationship.

Phoebe has evolved her performance style to embrace her pop/R&B direction. Her recent live shows have seen dance routines with back-ups going over particularly well with audiences. This seems to be a natural fit for her and we look forward to seeing more live shows and tours now that the country is opening back up to live music. With ‘Honeymoon‘, Phoebe Olivia is well placed to take advantage of the inevitable surge in demand for live music.

You can listen to ‘Honeymoon’ via Spotify here:

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