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Resistance is Futile

Fresh from touring the East Coast with electro-legends BOO SEEKA, Alice Springs electronic artist/producer Resin Moon (aka Dave Crowe) is releasing his new single ‘Subtle Surrender’ on Friday December 1 as a teaser to an album coming out in 2018.

Subtle Surrender’ is unmistakably Resin Moon – a powerful voice in the higher registers, his unique vocal timbre abetting a typically bouncy and layered musical track that is complex without being cluttered, smooth and sanguine without being syrupy. Thematically, Resin Moon takes us on an exploration of the concept of surrendering to the sound of silence and what joy disconnecting from an over-stimulating and demanding modern world can bring, even if for a moment. Of this, he says:

Subtle Surrender is about the search for silence in our hectic, overstimulated world. Within us, we have this incredible power to surrender to less – less noise, less screen time, less pressure and expectation. The results of this can be so joyful and colourful and surprising, a pure state of bliss.”

The track incorporates recordings made in 3 continents and 5 cities – Singapore, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Darwin and the artist’s home town of Alice Springs, where it was mixed and produced.

Subtle Surrender’s’ meditative verses dissolve into a soaring chorus, separated briefly by a glitchy synth–babble interloper, no doubt designed to reset the cerebral cortex of the listener before the blissful, radiant ascent to space. You are brought back down to earth, again briefly, by an array of liturgical keys before the journey starts all over again, only to outro with an elaborate baroque, cathedral-like polyphony, cutting to a string-synth step to finish. This is a masterful touch. In words and in music, this song truly invokes the journey of the ascetic seeking enlightenment through quiet introspection. This writer is reminded of the opening lines of Max Erhmann’s ‘Desiderata’: “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.”

“Subtle Surrender is about the search for silence in our hectic, overstimulated world.”

Subtle Surrender’ comes of the back of Resin Moon’s 2016 debut EP ‘Salt’. The Salt EP, which included the NT Song of the Year, had over half a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music and hit the top 10 Spotify viral charts. It has been a big 12 months for the artist, with much radio airplay, live performances (including Bass In The Grass and BIGSOUND) and selection for an exclusive songwriting camp with artist Kram (Spiderbait) on Tasmania’s Bruny Island, leading to a showcase at Tasmania’s Festival of Voices. These are opportunities and achievements that do not come often or easily for artists based in remote areas. Resin Moon has grasped the nettle and run with it for all it is worth, showing other aspiring NT artists just what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and a vision for the future.

Based on this new single, we can’t see Resin Moon slowing down anytime soon. This quietly spoken, contemplative, award-winning Territory artist has again produced a quality work that will leave a lasting impression on the listener. To borrow again from Erhmann, no doubt Resin Moon’s universe is unfolding as it should.

Subtle Surrender’ is released digitally and through on December 1st, and in all major digital stores and territories. Resin Moon plays the National Live Music Awards on December 7th, at Epilogue Lounge, Alice Springs NT. Tickets for this free event are available at

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