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Rambutan Jam Band EP launch " East Point"

CHIPPO SATURDAY, 08 November 2014 Genre – Psychedelic Reggae By Steve Kelk Much anticipated by the local scene, Rambutan Jam Band did not disappoint with their EP launch for ‘East Point’ at The Chippo. An enthusiastic crowd filled the rapidly evolving new Chippo facility in Woolner, which is developing a great vibe by mixing an industrial setting with art-space eloquence.

“It wasn’t that long ago that these young guys were a high school band and playing in their uniforms. They have come a long way in a short time.”

The rapidly-evolving professionalism of RJB was evident at this launch and can be heard in every track on the EP. There is also a humbleness about the band that is as honest as it is endearing. Loyal fans will know what I am talking about. This is a great mix to have for young up-and-coming local performers. Fresh from a tour of Melbourne and Adelaide, the band has honed its stage skills. Front-man Ward Hancock’s quiet omnipresence and engaging manner does not overpower his fellow musicians by any means. Theo McMahon taking over vocal duties for rhymes on tracks such as ‘One By One’ shows a cohesiveness within the crew and widens the appeal of the music exponentially. Dylan Tiedeman’s skillful slow-hand guitar puts the psychedelic edge to the reggae genre. Drumming was shared between Rowan Dally who kept time to the old favourites, and Ben Masters who played on the EP – both gave solid performances, perhaps a bit too solid for Ben who had to make running repairs to his snare with some gaffer tape – Ward took that opportunity to give the crowd some interesting insights into touring life. The controlled technical mastery of Daniel Decurtins’ bass underscores the reggae element that binds it all together – he might sit in the background but he is very much at the front-end. Supporting their brothers in music were local favourites Room 105, who never disappoint with their controlled chaos of reggae-rock antics and theme trilogies. The show was opened by the very chill duo California Sunshine, with Casey and Ben giving us some sweet harmonies to be getting on with. RJB have built up a loyal following in a relatively short time with a lot of the crowd singing along to old favourites. The new material is exciting. It is very layered and intricate and shows a song-writing maturity that can only keep evolving. In particular, ‘Clocks’ is very aesthetically pleasing, both lyrically and musically. Vocally, Ward goes from low growl to falsetto and back again, showing his surprising range.Credit goes to the Chippo for providing such a great venue for local music to emerge. Pedro and Matthew gave us great sound and lighting.  Big ups to Markus and Penny from No Culture who did the design work for RJB’s EP and merch and to the parents of these lads who’s support they freely and gratefully acknowledge.

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