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The Chippo Saturday 22 November 2014

By Steve Kelk

Darwin metal aficionados were given a special treat last weekend at The Chippo when technical deathcore masters Boris the Blade smashed into Darwin.Playing an early all-ages show and a later 18+ set, the Melbourne-based maulers tore it up for the young and not-quite-as-young but the energy levels never waivered. The kids got the full force of Sharpy’s wrath and I am sure some of them thought he was going to eat them…or their souls.

Boris the Blade was admirably supported by top local young talent – I, the Burden, We Burn Bridges and As Oceans Part, who were playing their last gig under that banner. Darcy from As Oceans Part informs us that another project is in the works so stay tuned for that. The Crucible rounded out the night with some old school death metal.

Boris the Blade flew in fresh from a great gig at Alice Springs and we understand they spent Sunday lapping up the tropical heat by the pool with a few bevvies. Sharpy was going to death roll some crocs at a local tourist attraction but we have no reports of any fatalities on either side…Thanks to The Chippo once again for a great live venue and big ups to Terrorfest for bringing the lads up here and giving young local bands a chance to shine next to a leading national act.

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