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Coming off the back of extensive touring last year and the release of his debut ‘Lesson Learned’ EP, Sydney’s Kwame returns with his second EP offering ‘Endless Conversations’.

‘Endless Conversations’ quickly picks up where Lesson Learned’ left off, exploring the pressures of life and relationships as a young creative. Each track represents a conversation that’s part of a bigger whole, giving form to the story as Kwame takes you on a journey of love, pain and personal growth.

Against a backdrop of soulful, jazz influenced hip hop, Kwame spills his heart out as he tries to find balance in his life. The EP opens with ‘NO TIME’ – “this song is directly linked to the closing track of my last EP” says Kwame, introducing the concept of endlessness and the pressures of time. This is followed by his hard hitting single ‘WOW’ which has seen great success since it’s release last month with a full rotation addition to triple j and playlisting across Spotify and Apple Music streaming services. The third track ‘WHO DAT’, featuring Sydney newcomer Phil Fresh offers a reprieve from this reality but as with the rest of the project, there is always that parallel, the endless unspoken conversations.

As the brilliant offering reaches it’s halfway point ‘COFFEE’ features fellow newcomer Mel Bailey as the embodiment of Kwame’s love interest. This track is the most literal conversation on the EP and appropriately represents a turning point in the story, leading into themes of growth and acceptance explored in the following track ‘CHANGE’.

Kwame’s honesty is as striking as his delivery in ‘Endless Conversations’ and the closing track ‘FREEWAY’ is no exception. It appears as a conclusion to their troubles, but as with everything there is that parallel undercurrent – the endless unspoken conversations of their love.

Once you have had the chance to explore the intricate workings of this young creatives “Endless Conversations”, you will be able to catch him at one of his tour dates next month in April.

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