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Bella Maree – Blindfold

Words by Steve Kelk | Images by Jean-Eddy Moutou/Supplied

‘Intoxicating Trauma’

Darwin singer-songwriter Bella Maree has released her subtle and thought-provoking new electronic single ‘Blindfold‘ and it is a large step in a different direction.

Easily recognisable for her long electric-blue locks, Bella Maree is known for her original solo acoustic and vocal work around the country and indeed overseas. Having performed since the age of 10, writing and recording since the age of 11 and organising her own Australian East Coast tour at age 16, she has dedicated her life to that of the professional music artist and enjoyed a deal of success over the last decade and a bit. With several talent contests under her belt (including auditions for ‘The Voice’ and ‘X-Factor’), work in Thailand and regular spots at a major venue on the Gold Coast, Bella moved to Darwin at the end of 2018 and has continued to perform, write and produce her own material – all great achievements for an artist still in her early 20’s.

Bella Maree performing for Nightcliff Seabreeze (virtual) Festival 2020

With the ‘Blindfold‘ release in early January 2021, Bella Maree has taken her music in a new and exciting direction, making her debut into electronic production. Her first fully self-produced single, it gives an insight into what to expect from her upcoming EP to be released later in the year.

Blindfold‘ takes on the heavy subject of control within relationships, but with a positive message. At first the vulnerable, hollow victim, the song’s protagonist wakes up and takes her power back, laying the blame squarely at the feet of the abuser, phoenix-like and justified. The culpability is finally placed where it belongs. Her strength and sense of self is returned, no longer obscured by the metaphoric blindfold she had so willingly let her abuser tie on her.

The message is unsubtle but subtly delivered from a deep perspective. Bella Maree’s exquisite lyricism paints it in broad strokes but with the detail still discernible. The best musical stories are told in this way, and the songwriting skill and emotional depth on display here belie Bella Maree’s relative youth. ‘Blindfold‘ is highly relatable whether you are prey or predator.

“Who is the moth and who is the flame?”

Musically, this is a step-out and a step-up for Bella Maree into the world of self-produced electronica, and a fine effort for a debut. Mood-perfect, Bella Maree leaves plenty of space for her lyrics to maintain salience without being overbearing. The track quietly floats below the surface with a degree of liquid minimalism, flowing like water around and through the vocals, complementing them rather than complicating them – a gentle stream of realisation rather than a whirlpool of bile; dignified rather than vengeful, but hinting that the redemptive journey has just begun.

About to enter motherhood in early March, Bella Maree has no plans to perform ‘Blindfold‘ live in the near future, but will wait until later in the year for her EP to finish production. She is determined to keep working and to see off stereotypes surrounding female artists and child-raising, noting that she can walk and chew gum at the same time. Says Bella: “This is something very special I’m doing, about to enter into motherhood but continue my career as a full time musician. I think there is a stigma in this industry for women, for example that we can’t be a mother, have a family, a partner, and still be a musician. But I think being a full time musician will give me more time and flexibility than I would have if I had to do something else, so I aim to go against the stigma. Having a home studio and the ability to self produce makes a massive difference as well.”

No doubt Bella Maree will have a lot more to write about once she becomes a mother, and no doubt it will be beautiful.


You can find links to Bella Maree’s work through her Youtube channel, Spotify and socials below:

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