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Sally Balfour – ‘Lottery’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images Supplied

Sally Balfour

Tennant Creek artist Sally Balfour has released her fourth single ‘Lottery‘, a touching song exploring the game of chance that is life, especially in the face of dire circumstances such as the world has seen in recent times, and indeed throughout history.

Inspiration for this track was from the recent bushfire emergency in Australia, and Sally takes the perspective of firefighters coming to terms with the death, destruction and personal danger that they face during such adversity. Sally’s slow-paced acoustic guitar is underscored by the haunting slide guitar of Bill Chambers, reminiscent perhaps of a siren passing at a distance along a highway, or maybe the angst of a firefighter fighting their own fear, or finding the deadly aftermath in a burnt-out home.

Life is a lottery for everyone, and the odds are particularly stacked against those who run towards danger rather than away from it. Says Sally: “Facing death and destruction daily must put many facets of life and death into question. Sometimes it makes sense, other times it makes no sense at all and in the end it makes you feel like life is a game of chance”

Sally Balfour is an NT singer songwriter based in Tennant Creek. ‘Lottery’ is Sally’s fourth single to be released, and was recorded both from her home studio in Tennant Creek and Bill Chambers‘ studio ‘Chambers Avenue’ on the Central Coast of NSW. The recording was made possible by the Catch and Release Grant from MusicNT and Spotify AU.

Lottery‘ is out now on Spotify – link here:

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