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The Owen Guns – ‘Pulling On The Boots’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images: Supplied/YouTube

Well they are pulling on something, this mob

Racist dickheads beware – The Owen Guns have you in their sights.

(Sean The Bastard of The Owen Guns not pulling his punches against racists – Image: YouTube)

Now with only a tenuous link to the Top End, The Owen Guns still qualify for our attention because, well, they sing about stuff that matters, like racists and cyclists. Their latest single ‘Pulling On The Boots (Racist Dickhead)‘ is not about the latter. The song itself is a reworking of a tune from the notorious Australian film Romper Stomper, only now the lyrics mock racists and racism. As they should. And it’s pretty good too, with a music video that makes it easy to take funny screenshots of front bastard Sean.

*The band will also donate 100% of their Bandcamp earnings from the single to Darwin’s Sunset Soup Kitchen, a volunteer organisation that feeds the homeless. Most of those it helps are indigenous Australians. It is a worthy cause that could use your benjamins so hit that Bandcamp link and buy some Aussie punk – it’s short, fast and loud, just like the band’s singer:

Based on the South Coast of NSW, The Owen Guns have released two EPs since 2020 – Violating Community Standards, and Electric Boogaloo. They are known for their blend of politics and tongue-in-cheek social commentary. They call out wankers wherever they find them, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Later this year they will release their first full length album, ‘Dawn of the Braindead‘.

Check out the vid for ‘Pulling On The Boots (Racist Dickhead)‘ here:

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