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Regional Roots Martin Gaykamangu

“I can’t give up playing music because music is in my blood, and I know if I stop playing music it can’t help me. Its freedom, love, makes me feel good”

Martin Gaykamangu is a Yolngu singer-songwriter from Ramingining Community, 560km east of Darwin in the heartlands of Arnhem Land beside the Arafura Swamp, the largest wetland in the southern hemisphere. Since his early 20’s, playing music has been a massive part of life. Martin has a deep love of blues music and through his unique style of Yolngu Blues shares his heartfelt stories and soulful sounds.

Martin is passionate about mentoring youth in music and encouraging young people to learn and engage in music, as he personally feels the deep and enriching positive impact of music in life. 

“Music is like my medicine, it’s helped me”. 

Be sure to catch one of their upcoming performances

The Arafura Swamp Band will be supported by Yellow Nation at the Darwin Railway Club, Ramingining’s number one youth band, lead by Romeo Gaykamangu, an incredibly talented young song-writer, who has heeded the words of wisdom and encouragement by Martin. 

Foldback is proud to present the songs and stories of Martin Gaykamangu as part of the Regional Roots series, sharing the sounds of the Northern Territory across our vast regions. 

This project is proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government. 

Director & Videography – Jean-Eddy Moutou
Sound recording – Adam Scriven 
Presenter – Joel Moreta
Editing – Jean-Eddy Moutou and Joshua Florendo
Mastering – Danny Christie 
Producer – Gaia Osborne
Copyright Foldback 2021

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