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Bridey Rose Releases ‘River’

Words by Steve Kelk/Press Release | Images Supplied

River‘ is the fourth single to be released off Bridey Rose’s debut album, ‘My Heart’s Army

Darwin-based singer-songwriter Bridey Rose has released the fourth instalment of her debut album ‘My Heart’s Army‘ with her single ‘River‘ out now on popular streaming platforms.

According to Bridey, ‘River‘ is a journey deep through memories of childhood, warmth, and love; of beautiful light energy. It talks of the journey through adulthood where we face the impacts of many of life’s lessons, loss of love and of loved ones; of ultimately calling back your broken spirit and heal the hurt back into love.

An upbeat tempo initially belies the message until it perfectly underscores it – this is a song about having courage and the faith to let go, to go with the flow of life’s river without needing to hold on too tightly to the riverbank. For Bridey, it is about the battle to ‘woman up’ and take a leap for freedom by not holding on to the past.

Bridey Rose

River‘ was recorded along with all the other tracks off the album with award winning producer Paul Pilsonic and Bridey’s band ‘The Good Fellows‘ in the mountains of Byron Bay in the winter of 2021.

​Check out ‘River’ in the link below:

Contact Bridey Rose: ph: 0411833671​

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