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Foldback Presents The BBQ Sessions Part 2: Yirrnga, Bala G And The Andrew Gurruwiwi Band

Welcome to the 2nd instalment of Foldback Media NT’s BBQ Sessions, performed and recorded live in the remote Northern Territory community of Yirrkala in East Arnhem Land, near the town of Nhulunbuy.

The Northern Territory music scene is bigger and wider than the capital city of Darwin, and we at Foldback always strive to reflect this in our content whenever possible. The remote and natural setting in the twilight at Yirrkala overlooking the stunning bay from the private backyard of Mirrkiyawuy Ganambarr and Will Stubbs makes BBQ Sessions 2 contextually very different from its city cousin, and showcases the raw and natural environment that brings out the best in First Nations artists when performing on their land.

Producing this live music video in Yirrkala of course meant that the large scale production equipment and crew, paying audience and significant sponsorship available to us in Darwin was not going to be possible in such a remote area. Nevertheless, the local production team of Aris and Grimes, and indeed the artists themselves, all achieved a magnificent result with typical bush resourcefulness. Audio post-production was expertly managed by the very talented and internationally-renowned Nhulunbuy-based engineer Kris Keogh.

BBQ Sessions 2 is a fantastic way to bring the music of the East Arnhem Region to a wider audience across the NT and beyond. It is a pleasure to introduce our viewers to these artists, along with their passion for culture and their land expressed through the medium of music, which knows no boundaries.

BQ Sessions 2 is hosted by artist and radio presenter Andrew Gurruwiwi.

Performing Artists:

Bala G (Guruguru Hick, Patrick White, Andrew Grimes, Vadim Juste-Constant, Andrew Gurruwiwi, Gathapurra Munungurr)

Yirrnga (Yirrnga Yunupingu, Malngay Yunupingu, Andrew Grimes, Arian Pearson, Patrick White, Andrew Gurruwiwi, Gathapurra Munungurr)

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band (Andrew Gurruwiwi, Guyundula Burarrwanga, Dion Marimanuk Gurruwiwi, Patrick White, Andrew Grimes, Vadim Juste-Constant, Gathapurra Munungurr)

Yirrkala Volunteer Contributors: Rosealee Grimes; Nigel Lacey; Will Stubbs; Merrkiyawuy Ganambarr-Stubbs; Ruth Pearson.

Supported by the Northern Territory Government.

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