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Foldback Regional Roots – Interview With Ben Evolent

“Award winning songwriter Ben Evolent lives up to his namesake. The Northern Territory folk/reggae/blues artist fills his songs with a healthy dose of raw emotion, relatable truths, loveable melodies and lively hooks. And this generous style makes him one of the Northern Territory’s most loved songwriters and live performers.

His spirited songs about exploration, kinship, loss and acceptance warm the heart and inspire adventure. Ben Evolent’s music flows. It’s always moving. Songs build to elevated choruses. Melodies stir and sway. Rhythmically it evokes a sense of adventure, like being on the open road.

As a live performer Ben Evolent is down to earth, energetic and engaging. And he’s a compelling force when he’s backed by his band. His charming style has seen him support touring acts such as Boo Seeka, Benny Walker, Caravana Sun and All My Ex’s Live in Texas and secure spots at Darwin Festival and in TourismNT campaigns.”

This will coincide fairly closely with the upcoming release of Ben Evolent’s much anticipated debut album which is heavily focussed around his connection to the Northern Territory. Josh was awarded the 2016 NT Song of the Year for Tourism with his song ‘Next Time’.

We caught up with Ben Evolent at his house in Alawa, Darwin to talk about his music & influences.

Northern Territory Government, Arts NT,
Venue: Railway Club
Video Production: Jean-Eddy Moutou
Editor: Connor Askham
Sound Production and Editing: GigTek, Matthew Cunliffe
Interviewer: Gaia Osbourne
Camera operators: Steven Hoare, Tommy Larkin, Pete Garnish, Rick Knight and Jean-Eddy Moutou
Branding: Markus Dixon

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