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King River Rising Taking A Step Back To ‘See More Sense’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images Supplied

Image: YouTube/Wild Honey Productions

Roots and reggae-rock young guns King River Rising have released an awesome music vid for their new track ‘See More Sense‘, with footage shot during their Australian tour in January 2020 (remember when bands could tour?).

Led by frontman and Darwin ex-pat Ward Hancock, the band has established itself in the Melbourne scene over the last couple of years and is becoming more professional with every new musical effort. This slick new video, filmed & edited by Cheyne Starkie of Wild Honey Productions and directed by the band, is a testament to the band’s hard work ethic and a coming-of-age as professional musicians ready to take things to the next level.

Image: YouTube/Wild Honey Productions

But a slick music video would be useless without a quality song to match, and ‘See More Sense‘ is exactly that – quality. The big band sound is expertly weaved in between the quiet bits to produce a very effective tension-and-release sea-saw that pulls you up sharply and lets you down again gently, only to do it all over again until the end. This song is a carnival ride and equally  exhilarating. Strap yourselves in.

“This song is about learning to swim in a precarious industry”

Of the motivation behind the track, the band has this to say: “This song is about learning to swim in a precarious industry. Often encountering many details of it that make no sense, it’s about searching for their positives, pressing on through the hardship and leaving a musical mark upon Australia’s rich history.” Well King River Rising are certainly paying their dues, getting in the car with their gear and going out and getting famous. Young guys navigating the shark-infested waters of the modern music industry are getting lessons and gaining skills.

Image: King River Rising

Of the motivation behind the video, they have this to say: “This clip shows the trials and tribulations of life on the road. The tranquility of 4am drives and carpark cookups are juxtaposed with heaving gigs and socially lubricated green rooms; illustrating how the life of a musician is full of extremes – and how the journey to the show isn’t as luxurious as the gig itself.”  This of course is all part of the romance of being a touring musician – this is character-shaping stuff and will doubtless provide the band members with a deep well of experiences they can reflect upon as they move through their careers. We look forward toseeing what else they have up their sleeve.

Have a watch and listen to ‘See More Sense‘ here:

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