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Foldback Magazine – Helping Territory Live Music Artists Achieve Their Dreams

The team at Foldback Magazine have been very busy behind the scenes over the last couple of years, slowly but steadily building our skill levels and capacity so that we can continue supporting and promoting original live music artists and venues in the NT, and to keep getting better at it.

Roymackonkey helping us out on the video shoot

We have undergone extensive mentoring by a world-renowned music media identity, and undertaken business training by professional consultants, thanks to a hard-won grant process. We aim to get the best out of the meagre resources and time available to our volunteers, and this training and mentoring has proven to be invaluable.

We are now almost ready to take the Next Big Step, in order to bring Territory live music lovers and artists a better music media experience – one they can be proud of, and one that they deserve. There will be more on this posted in the coming weeks.

Stevie Jean on set for our crowdfunding video

Everyone at Foldback Magazine is a volunteer. We do this because we love original live music, and the Territory original live music scene deserves someone in its corner barracking for it, because the scene is awesome. We all punch above our weight in the NT, with remoteness, the tyranny of distance and a small population providing a disadvantage.

Pole Top Rescue getting the message across

A while ago we started working on ways to raise funds to improve our operations, and to ultimately become a self-sustainable non-profit arts entity, going forward into the future. A part of this process was the shooting and producing of this fund-raising promotional video.

We are extremely grateful to the artists who appear in it, and all the others who helped in the making of it. We thought it was about time we aired it, as a teaser of things shortly to come that will hopefully persuade you good people to put your hands in your pockets for us, so that we may continue to bring you all the live music news, views and clues that you have come to expect from Foldback Magazine.

Luke Kohler kicking up some dust for our video

So keep an eye out for more posts soon on how to help us help those that keep us entertained, happy and united as a community through their hard artistic work, and share the hell out of this video. Our established and emerging musicians deserve all the support they can get. Help us help them achieve their dreams. Peace 🙏

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