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KEZRA Envisions a lush landscape with new music video ‘BETTER PLACE’ and SELLS OUT single launch

In debut single ‘Better Place’, Melbourne songwriter KEZRA wears heart on sleeve; the lyrical territory she explores here is one built on emotional growth and development, while the electronic instrumentation driving it only further adds to the song’s overall emotional punch.

Not wasting any time, KEZRA has followed up on the release of ‘Better Place’ with the release of the official music video, directed by Corey Adams. Filmed out at Cape Woolami in Victoria, the music video captures gorgeous scenery as KEZRA – details a journey to a better place, in this case, a secluded and warmth-filled environment by the beach. 

”It was a secluded beach with amazing landscapes and nobody around. When I was there, I felt like if this ‘Better Place’ existed, this location would be it.”

Throughout the filming process KEZRA began connecting more personally with her surroundings. The importance of our environment and the state of it, moreover, is a message that she furthered at her SOLD OUT single launch at the Ontop Bar in Melbourne , with the release of limited edition, reusable KEZRA tote bags.

“I started to think about what would happen if this ‘Better Place’ did not exist, and it was filled with plastic.. watching the reef dissipate, as that is currently happening.. So I thought maybe I could somehow make a difference, even if it’s something small.”

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