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Bloody Marys & Epic Phannys Put On A Bloody Epic Performance At The Rails

The Bloody Marys

Well you just damned-well missed out if you weren’t at the Darwin Railway Club last Saturday night for a double-dose of rollicking-rock and reckless-roll as the Epic Phannys and The Bloody Marys sent it  in bucketloads – and by bucketloads I mean the type of bucket found on the front of a large excavator.

Eclectic tunes from the Phannys set the scene for the BMs to come and out kick things up with their version of Celtic punk that got everyone up and dancin’ – and Kane got to try out his new Epiphone into the bargain – a good way to break in a new instrument.

The two bands complimented each other perfectly and we reckon they could get any party started anywhere, anytime! The audience certainly agreed. Check out our snaps of the evening 🙂

*Foldback Magazine would like to thank all those at the Rails who very generously made donations on the door to our fundraising appeal – blessings on the lot of you.

The Epic Phannys
The Bloody Marys

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