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Katie Harder Sends It In With New Track ‘Sing It Out’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images Supplied

A Healing Anthem For The Nation

Alice Springs artist Katie Harder has come through the travails and tribulations of 2020 with her new single ‘Sing It Out‘, which is just made for the moment.

The healing quality of singing is something known across all cultures, and Australia, indeed the world, could do with some of that right now. Katie’s sweet, sweet voice and calming lyrics apply a light pressure bandage to a country ravaged alternately by drought, fire, flood, pandemic, social justice unrest, human rights abuses, sexism and sexual assault at the highest levels of our society. It could not come at a better time.

We talked about the amazing ability of singing to heal people, and the profound way that crosses cultures“ 

Being a mother of four, Katie no doubt has the skills and insights needed to heal. Her vocals on this track are simply stunning from the get-go, and one feels an immediate calm wash over them from the first couple of bars of understated synth and keys – and then Katie starts singing. Wow.

Of her inspiration for writing ‘Sing It Out‘, Katie says: “Sing it Out was written after some special time during a workshop with a group of Indigenous women in Central Australia last year. We talked about the amazing ability of singing to heal people, and the profound way that crosses cultures. With the world in such a crazy place it seemed like the perfect time to write a song that reminds us of that.”

There is a minimalist element of this track, although the award-winning production team of Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) and Ben Allen (Broadwing) know just where to put in the heavies. There is a very artful course-alteration at around the 2:41 mark – a grungy breakdown and lowered vocal tone that gives this track the teeth it needs – sometimes a mother needs to take a firm tone to get her point across. This gives the track, for a moment at least, a late 60’s ‘Age of Aquarius’ feel, a ‘call to arms’ if you like, to get our collective shit together by singing out. This is an inspired and depth-providing diversion in what is otherwise pure tenderness.

Sing It Out‘ is out now on the SING HUM label. You can listen to it on Spotify here:

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