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We wrote of Alice Springs-based Electronic artist SOORKIA‘s first published recording effort, the single ‘Sea Without Water‘, almost a year ago back in April 2017. It seems she has been hard at work in the meantime, putting together that track with four other splendid offerings for her debut EP, the self-titled ‘Soorkia‘ launched last week. At the time of the single launch, we wrote:

Sea Without Water’ is a blend of SOORKIA’s Mauritian and Australian heritage, and mixes ethnic-beats with a bed of synthesisers, strings and harp, the latter especially effective at the tail of the song. A slow, ominous rhythm starts the track down a path describing loss, the ‘sea without water’ analogous to the emptiness of the vast, lonely arid lands of Central Australia – an apt metaphor for the isolation of being without a loved one. Airy, clipped, processed backing vocals provide a surreal feel, while shades of London Grammar come through along with hints of Massive Attack and Imogen Heap.

Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) has lent a steadying hand in producing this and the other songs on the EP and the results are very pleasing indeed, offering diversity from the sombreness of ‘Sea Without Water‘ to the upbeat synthy ‘Up In The Air‘ through to the poppy, radio-friendly ‘Let The Music Speak‘. A surprising and pleasing divergence comes with the Lily Allen-esque ‘All That Jazz‘, a song about a relationship that doesn’t quite have what it takes to be true romance – the chord progressions, use of horns and keys evoke a bit of Penny Lane and are a skilful touch that gives this track a satisfying texture. SOORKIA‘s angelic voice really shines through however on the short piano-and-vocal piece ‘Lullaby‘, which could easily be played on a loop for an hour and not lose it’s audience for a second.

The ‘Sea Without Water‘ single has been followed up by a stunning time-lapse kaleidoscopic music video, which cleverly focuses one’s attention on the etherealness of the track rather than overshadows it (see link below). A lot of work has gone into all aspects of this EP release and it shows once again that Northern Territory artists can be the vanguard of modern music production as much as anyone.

Soorkia‘ is an outstanding offering for a debut and is patently un-rushed, considered and with an emphasis on quality of musicianship and production.  This EP provides the perfect platform for the artist to showcase her stylistic diversity along with her vocal prowess in a truly genre-fluid work. SOORKIA is a quiet achiever in an industry often overburdened by brashness and most confidently lets her music speak for her.

Soorkia‘ is released through Sing Hum Records and is available now on the usual digital retailers.

You can read our full review of the ‘Sea Without Water’ single here:


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