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XAVIA – ‘Saulė’

Images: Steve Kelk for Foldback Media NT/Supplied

Centralian Artist Releases New Single

With her single HORIZONS reaching over 3.5 million streams, Central Australian based indie-folk artist X A V I A returns with her most luminous offering yet – ‘Saulė’ (pronounced Soul-lay).

Saulė is a celebration of the burning star at the centre of our universe- the source of life on earth

Ushering in a distant sun goddess, the track shimmers with airy vocals, sparkling autoharp and dappled synthesisers, layered with beats and production from two of the NT’s best electronic producers – Dave Crowe (aka Resin Moon) and Ben Allen (aka Broadwing).

XAVIA has created an airy, melodic piece, autoharp gently lying underneath like gum leaves swaying in a cool breeze on a sunny desert day. The acoustic stringed instrument is skilfully counterpointed by Crowe and Allen’s artful and slightly glitchy electronica, giving this song an interesting texture. XAVIA’s voice floats above everything, sweetly soulful.

XAVIA at Wide Open Space Festival 2021 (Image: Foldback Media NT)

Says XAVIA: “Saulė is a celebration of the burning star at the centre of our universe- the source of life on earth. I was fascinated with how light and energy from the sun is so constant and at home, yet so distant and fierce. Now feels like a perfect time to shroud listeners in golden, desert light and bask in the wonder of our miraculous existence, however dark our corner is feeling.”

Saulė is released via SING HUM Records ahead of performances with full choir at the INPEX Sunset Stage, for Darwin Festival August 8th and the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs August 21st, releases worldwide August 6th. A music video drenched in golden, desert sunsets is soon to be released as well. XAVIA – Mountain Whisper EP is due in October.

Have a listen to Saulė here:

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