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SUMMIT Kick Off Inaugural National Tour At The Rails

Words by Steve Kelk | Images by Steve Kelk & Maria Kammas

Darwin metalcore outfit SUMMIT smashed the first set of their first national tour at the Darwin Railway Club on November 1st, in what is sure to be a good prelude to what southern audiences can expect as the band wings its way to major centres on the East Coast.

Supported by awesome newcomers Random Space, young guns Fat Pigeon and those eclectic, mature gentlemen melodic heavy rockers March of Days, the well-attended night at the Rails launched SUMMIT on their ‘The Good Life Tour‘ – a first such event for every member of the band and indeed a dream come true. ‘The Good Life‘ single the tour is named after is all about how playing heavy music and touring for a living into the far future is what every SUMMIT member believes a good life would be for them – we cannot agree more.

SUMMIT now head down to Brisbane’s Crowbar for the second show of the tour on November 14th, ECP Studios on the Central Coast (NSW – all ages) on November 16th, Sound System Studios in Sunbury (Melbourne) on November 22nd, Wrangler Studios (Melbourne) on November 23rd (all-ages), finishing at The Tote Bandroom in Melbourne on November 24th.

Foldback wishes the boys the best of luck on the road. Here are some snaps of the Rails gig to be getting on with. Happy trails!

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