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CAITI BAKER: ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’

Jazz and big band reborn in artist's follow up to debut single

Independent singer/songwriter Caiti Baker is excited to unveil the video for her new single, ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’. An eclectic mix of soul, pop, jazz and swing, her vocals are sung with attitude over fat double bass, trad-meetshiphop drums, one of her father’s crunchy guitar samples, a killer horn section and an enthralling clarinet feature!

The track is a follow up to Caiti’s debut solo single, ‘Heavy On My Heart’, which featured on playlists all over the country in the second half of 2016. Describing the song, Caiti says, “Sometimes being taught a lesson isn’t nearly as effective as making your own mistakes in life. I’ve learnt a lot from being in the drivers’ seat and messing up. Everything gets easier when you’re honest with yourself. “Make Your Own Mistakes” is about that and how I don’t need to be judged or told what to do if someone else thinks I’m going about it the wrong way. That’s my mistake to make, my lesson to learn. Traditional Jazz and Big Band were a part of my upbringing and it makes me happy to have those musical memories reborn via the creativity of my two producers Michael Hohnen and James Mangohig, as well as the gifted horn arranger Eugene Ball.”

The video clip for ‘Make Your Own Mistakes’ is a collaboration with the Sutardy Brothers (Adam and Jordan Sutardy), inspired by late night talk shows and variety shows. Caiti wanted a fun clip “on set” where she could incorporate her three favourite things – performing, dancing and comedy!

Describing the video, she says, “I was lucky to pull this shoot together with a bunch of friends and all round legends. I love dance, and watching dancers do their thing. It’s a big part of who I am and it’s reflected in the music I make. To give a bit of context to different dance styles in one clip, I thought it’d be cool to invite my funny mates to “judge” the nonexistent dance comp that we’re all so familiar with on variety shows. So I have Nazeem Hussain, Geraldine Hickey and Harley Breen providing that comic aspect to the visual and song. And you can’t have a “Late Night Show” without a host and the obvious answer to that is Briggs!

‘Make Your Own Mistakes’ – written by Caiti Baker, and produced by Michael Hohnen and James Mangohig with horn arrangement by Eugene Ball.

Michael Hohnen and James Mangohig

Mixed by Dan Elleson and mastered by Fred Kevorkian.

Connect with Caiti Baker:
Instagram: @caitibakermusic
Twitter: @caitibakermusic
Facebook/caitibakermusic and @caitibakermusic

‘Make Your Own Mistakes’ out now on Perambulator Records/MGM

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