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Foldback Delivers Music And Performance Workshop To Arnhem Land Youth

In 2021, ALPA engaged with FOLDBACK to access our wide range of professional artists and create a team to facilitate some basic drumming, circus and hip hop (beat making & song writing) workshops in the East Arnhem Land region in Gapuwiyak, Milingimbi, Ramingining and Galinwin’ku schools. This included after school workshops at the sports and recreational halls in each community, and a presentation performance leading up to their festivals, showcasing our work and engagement with the kids in front of an audience.

The team:
– Jean-Eddy Moutou (Director, Videographer/Editor)
– Adam Scriven (Drumming & Circus)
– Daniel Brookes (Circus)
– Liam Monkhouse (Hip Hop)

Song: Sandy point – Crazy J featuring Mista Monk

FOLDBACK would like to thank ALPA for the opportunity to facilitate these workshops and especially thank the students, schools, Elders and other community members for their enthusiastic participation. We look forward to continuing regular engagement with the community and further developing our programs to bring out the full potential of these young people.

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