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Kuya James Releases Mesmerizing Video For New Track ‘Trust’

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Featuring Emily Wurramara & Kino McHugh

Yukino McHugh dances in ‘Trust’

Darwin’s Settle Down Records stable master Kuya James (aka producer James Mangohig) has released an absolutely quality track in his new work ‘Trust‘, along with a mesmerizing video to go with it.

Shot on location in Japan, the video for ‘Trust’ (featuring the vocals of the Northern Territory’s Emily Wurramara) sees celebrated Japanese-Australian dancer, actor and model Yukino (Kino) McHugh dancing in both male and female traditional outfits in a range of locations in Hitachi-ota, north of Tokyo.

McHugh is spellbinding in her androgynous interpretation of the music, melding centuries of tradition with contemporary and hip hop moves to enhance the pulsing modern beats and Wurramara’s vocals.

The choreography in this video is influenced by the Japanese traditional dance called “Nihon Buyo”, within which there are two styles – both female and male forms of the dance. To illustrate this, two separate traditional outfits that are typically worn by either male and females in Japan are used, along with workwear that construction workers and farm workers wear in Japan still to this day.

Yukino McHugh (

Kuya James’ hypnotic beats in this track are accentuated by the hypnotic movements of McHugh, with the vocals of Wurramara gluing things together perfectly. This is inspired casting by James, put together with craftsman-like quality. Check out the video here:


VIDEO – Shot on location in Hitachi-ota, Japan by Toshimi McHugh-Yagi Dancer / Choreographer / Editor – Kino McHugh –

Colour grade –

SONG – Produced by J.Mangohig | Performed by Emily Wurramara | Written by James Mangohig and Serina Pech | Additional production – Papertoy and Michael Hohnen | Percussion – Airileke | Additional vocals – Caiti Baker, Serina Pech and Jocelyn Tribe | Mixed by Tony Espie | Mastered by Dave Walker | Out through Settle Down Records, Darwin, NT, Australia.

Licensed to YouTube by MGM Distribution

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