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VanderAa Release ‘The Way You Are’

Words by Steve Kelk/Media Release | Images by Steve Kelk/Supplied

Territory travelling minstrel legends VanderAa have released a very groovy track ‘The Way You Are‘, out on Spotify now.

The brothers Aaron and Levi VanderAa have once again produced a knockout cross-genre and cross-generational piece to add to their ever-developing and maturing style. A 70’s groove with a 2020 indie-pop feel, ‘The Way You Are‘ is contemporary-retro cool, written and produced with a chill professionalism. It sounds uncomplicated on the surface but has an undertone that belies the thought that went into hitting the target. Driven by a simple but very effective bass groove, it will make you want to get up off the quarantine iso-couch and dance around your lounge room in your crocodile onesie.

The Way You Are‘ marks the beginning of a series of developments that VanderAa have set for 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically restructured VanderAa’s year. With their Australian, Canadian and American  tours being cancelled, Aaron and Levi have come up with some creative new ways to release and tour their music without leaving their studio.

‘The Way You Are’ music video sees a merge of 70’s nostalgia with VR (Virtual Reality) technology. Audiences in home quarantine can interact with the video and join in on the 70’s record listening party through their devices. See the video below.

*In support of the release VanderAa are streaming a live show to their global audience on Sat 18 April with some incredible support acts and live artists. Including every Tuesday and Thursday, the brothers have initiated a live stream & podcast that connects with musicians, healers and philosophical thinkers world wide.

“With limitations you have a choice, to be stuck or create new ideas and ways to overcome obstacles” says Levi. Faced with adversity, VanderAa have seen an opportunity to re-create their release plan with new innovative ideas.

Get onto Spotify and give this track a listen and a like – it’s the best you can do to support the band when they are unable to play live for you – the link is here:

Here is the video:

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