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Adjuster To Release Self-Titled Debut Album In May 2020

Words by Steve Kelk | Images Supplied

Alice Springs-based experimental rock outfit Adjuster are to release their self-titled debut album on Saturday May 2nd, with pre-sale available now for digital and hard-copy.

Adjuster (Thomas Jessen-Cox, Brodie Muller and Rob Ward) have come together to formulate a sonic ensemble that stretches genre paradigms with this fully instrumental offering. Part progressive rock, part indie and post-rock and very alternative whichever way you slice it, Adjuster have found a glorious niche in the Red Centre that evens out the flow of wonderful music coming from the region.

It is pretty hard to pigeon-hole Adjuster. Born of the will of Jessen-Cox to keep his British alternative rock roots (Harry Macintosh Project, Justice for Dragons) alive and well in the Australian desert, the band has discovered a unique and distinctive sound reminiscent of the late 80’s-early 90’s New York post-punk vibe, especially in the guitar department, but with syncopated rhythms and rapidly-changing time signatures intersected with staccato sections, ‘discordant’ riffs that work well despite themselves, and a willingness to step outside of the box. Billy Corgan’s vocals over these tracks would not be out of place. That is not to say however that Adjuster is ripping off anything – their sound is their sound, and it is truly progressive and unique.

There are 8 tracks on this album, recorded at CSC Studios, Alice Springs and produced by Rob Ward, who as well as being the band’s drummer, also gets mixing credits along with the very talented Centralian producer and performer Dave Crowe (aka Resin Moon). Crowe mastered the album at his SING HUM studio in the Alice, with him adding some synth to the track ‘Wipe It Up With A Towel‘.  The quality of Ward and Crowe’s work is easily noticeable over and above the tight musicianship. Jessen-Cox has a very unique guitar style that is expertly underscored by the rhythm section of Ward and Muller (bass).

While the whole album is solid, there are some stand-out tracks for sure. The opening track ‘Cried a Tiger‘ drives along forcefully, while the introduction to ‘Waft‘ instantly reminded this author of the 1969 classic ‘Spinning Wheel‘ by Blood Sweat & Tears (yes I am showing my age). ‘Steve’s Egg‘ starts off wonderfully discordant before falling into a familiar indie major chord progression before falling discordant again – this juxtaposition works very well. ‘Protect the Corners‘ floats rather than drives, until the staccato, tom-heavy drums kick in before becoming rock-steady.

Adjuster‘s debut album will be released on Dave Crowe’s SING HUM label on May 2nd, 2020. They were planning on launching the album at this year’s Wide Open Space Festival but the current social distancing restrictions have thwarted them, along with every other musician on the planet. The album will be available on CD, 10 inch vinyl and all major digital online outlets from that date. You can go to Adjuster‘s Bandcamp page to pre-order now and to buy a bit of merch, which (in our opinion) all music consumers should be doing now in the age of COVID-19 to support the artists who are making the isolation bearable for so many music lovers.  The Bandcamp link is here:


Thomas Cox: Guitar.

Brodie Muller: Bass.

Rob Ward: Drums.

Recorded at CSC Studios, Alice Springs. Produced by Rob Ward.

Mixed by Rob Ward and Dave Crowe.

Mastered by Dave Crowe at Sing Hum Studios, Alice Springs.

Additional synth on ‘Wipe It Up With A Towel’ by Dave Crowe.

Photography by Brodie Muller.

Graphic design by Brodie Muller and Kate Jessen.

Adjuster says: “Thank you to family, friends and the venues, festivals, artists and punters of the Central Australian music scene.”

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