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At The Dakota – ‘Disco’

By Steve 'Habibi' Kelk | Images Supplied

Darwin groovers At The Dakota have released a new single ‘Disco’ that is sure to get you up and moving.

A synth-heavy, high energy indie-pop-rap with Dylan Podsiadly’s distinctive nasal twang machine-gunning its way through it, ‘Disco’ is a Chili-Pepperish race to the finish and meant to be bopped to. With this punchy track, those funster At The Dakota Boys from Stuart Park have added another armour-piercing round to their already formidable magazine clip of dancibles.

‘Disco’ represents the flailing away of youth and the resentment of life not working out the way you planned. Given that there is barely a pubic hair between them, we certainly hope this is speculative on their part and not the current state of affairs for them. It seems to us that At The Dakota are reaching their milestones, have had all their shots and are ready for big school now – melancholy regret seems a long way off for them.

While certainly not a band to take themselves too seriously, ATD are serious about their writing, arrangements and production. This is well written and very expertly produced and no wonder – the team of Ben Allen (Broadwing) and Danny Christie were on recording and production, with mastering undertaken by the Grammy and Aria Award-winning Studios 301 in Sydney. With clout like that, you know it’s going to be good. ATD have also produced a funky little vid to go with the track, shot by Connor Askham around Darwin – see below.

At The Dakota launch ‘Disco’ this Saturday, December 8 at the Darwin Entertainment Centre with Ben Evolent and Rachel Rachel in support. The gig features a Coopers ‘Loading Zone’ Bar and VIP Experience if you want to fork out a bit extra. Get onto that here:

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