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Resin Moon Shoots For The Stars With Debut Album ‘Oscillations’

By Steve 'Habibi' Kelk


Resin Moon performing at Wide Open Space Festival, Alice Springs, 2018 (Image: Steve Kelk)

Resin Moon’s new album ‘Oscillations’ is here, and its release is one of the great moments in Territory music history.

Some have recently compared Alice Springs electronic music producer Resin Moon (aka Dave Crowe) to fellow Australian artist Gotye – we can see the comparison in depth and quality, but Dave is his own man musically. Resin Moon tracks have a particular quality, timbre and flow that are owned only by him and are as distinct as the MacDonnell Ranges are against a clear Red Centre sky in summer.

Lead track off this latest work, ‘Bullet’, starts off deliciously glitchy, followed by the dulcet vocals of this master producer and a surprisingly funky beat, which together will have your bottom end moving while your top end digests the subtle psychological musings in the lyrics – this is a track that will pull you in opposite directions and happily so.

“This album has so much of my imagination wrapped up in the eight songs, plus a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears”

This album is full of standouts and style variations, but each track is also quintessentially Resin Moon. Subtle vocals flow like water over and between electronic peaks and troughs, like the first seasonal rains immerse the desert rocks of Central Australia in cascading rivulets. There is some funky stuff here (‘Less Becomes More’), smooth R&B glides (‘Nothing to See’), and a heartfelt, soaring, bass-driven ballad (‘Subtle Surrender’). The track ‘Oscillates’ does indeed oscillate, vocally and musically, with a very clever woodwind-backed breakdown that goes on to morph into haunting, layered bliss. Throughout the album there are cleverly-sourced and placed voice samples à la  Big Audio Dynamite that you almost miss but are still subliminally aware of, which means they are in perfect positions on the recordings.

Resin Moon is a Master of his art. We know through our direct conversations with the artist of his early love for electronic music and how he has developed that passion into something he can truly call his own. A medical scientist by training, he takes to his tracks with scientific precision, patience and a deep understanding of the human psyche to sculpt aural masterpieces such as this offering. Of this new work, Resin Moon says:

Oscillations is about balancing light and dark, love and fear, life and death. We live on the delicate boundary between states, forever changing, pulsing, oscillating. This album has so much of my imagination wrapped up in the eight songs, plus a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. It’s indescribably exciting to share this new work with the world. I feel really proud to be based in Alice Springs as a songwriter, artist and part of the most incredibly diverse and unique arts scene in Australia

Oscillations’ is out now on Spotify and all the other usual streaming suspects, and Resin Moon will shortly announce dates for a national tour.

Resin Moon will be playing  Montes Lounge in Alice Springs tomorrow night, April 27th, so if you are in town, get down for that not-to-missed opportunity to see the man himself performing tracks from this album.

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