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Fundraising For Foldback: Photographer Connor Askham On How Foldback Helps NT Musicians Grow

In this fourth instalment of Foldback Crew videos, we hear from one of our highly skilled photographers, Connor Askham.

Connor is a young man who not only brought to Foldback his considerable photographic and videographic talents, but is also a founding member and bassist of one of the Territory’s top musical exports to the southern States, the metalcore outfit Tapestry. Whilst Connor has moved with the other Tapestry members to Melbourne to chase their musical dreams (which included their very successful slot at this year’s UNIFY Gathering in January!), he continues to be associated with our mag from afar and will contribute content when the opportunities arise (take note any NT artists thinking of doing shows in Melbourne).

In this video, Connor talks about how Foldback Magazine provided a place for him to grow professionally and to hone his skills behind the camera, and how Foldback generally helps NT musicians grow their brand and reach by showcasing their live performances to the world. Have a watch and then please go to the ACF donations portal at the link below and make a tax-deductible donation to help us to keep fulfilling our commitment to local live original music in the Territory 🙂


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