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Serina Pech Floats New Single

Kevin is the fourth single from Katherine singer-songwriter Serina Pech.

Following up her award winning song “Not Like Them”, Kevin is a song about beating the odds and being yourself.

“Kevin is a song I quite literally wrote about a fish who I watched in a tank for a few hours”, Serina said.

“Kevin was disabled and suffered from a swim bladder disorder which caused him to swim and also sink upside down in his tank. The song speaks of life in flux and encourages us to remain open-minded and positive regardless of the hardships we face.

Kevin just kept on swimming and he saw the tank in a way that the ‘normal’ fish (named Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer) could not. I was endeared to his struggles and also saw great character in him… he was more than a fish. This song is an homage to my fishy friend, rest in peace.”

Serina has an EP due for release March 17th and will be launching her EP March the 24th at The Studio Theatre Darwin Entertainment Centre with Jordie Lane and Naz.

Filmed and directed by Dan Hartney. Huge thanks to Michael Lawrence-Taylor for his camerawork and creative counseling.

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