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HAPPY YESS FRIDAY 03 MARCH 2017 | By Steve ‘Habibi’ Kelk

Kayoss once again lived up to their name last night at a darkened Happy Yess with another energetic set to see in their new single ‘X88B88’.

Dubbed ‘Voodoo Night’ (X88B88 is ‘voodoo’ with sub-shadow – think about it), the evening kicked off with support by local bands Duck and Eugene Whitecastle and the Bad Haircuts on a wet and sticky Darwin evening.

Kayoss, famed for their on-stage antics bordering on performance art, write songs that don’t necessarily fit into any particular genre. The songs are always heavy, sometimes confronting and never disappointing. There is a wide appeal amongst those that like their music loud and energetic, whether that be punk, metal or hard rock.

The single X88B88 is all about control – how society, people and partners control you so the allegorical Voodoo doll motif is apt. The song is in the inimitable style of Kayoss – which is chaotic and visceral yet at the same time ‘together’ and musically sophisticated. Great guitar work by the ‘quiet one’ Rikquishe Wright is always a trademark of Kayoss, as is James Rooney’s often tortured vocals and seizure-like basswork. Drummer Paddy Norman, well he just likes to hit things. Hard.

The single itself is far from linear, with cool bass-heavy breakdowns, understated vocals in places and again some sweet solos from Wright, invoking some 70’s licks.

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