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RachelRachel – Wonderful, Whatever

Award-winning Territory artist RachelRachel has released a sweet and slick new electronic track ‘Wonderful, Whatever‘, available now on Spotify. With excellent production values and Rachel’s unique vocal cadence, this song makes you sit up and listen from the get-go.

RachelRachel is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Given two first names by her parents, she knew from a young age that she was born to have her name(s) in lights.

Rachel moved to the Northern Territory in 2016 to focus on her solo music career. Rachel’s sound has been described as Ellie Goulding-meets-Ed Sheeran. With her unique vocal styling, she is a prolific songwriter and has knack for writing songs with raw, relatable lyrics, fast flow and catchy melodies.

2017 saw her win a peer-polled competition to play on the Bass in the Grass Festival lineup, open for the Pierce Brothers and most recently, open for Diesel. ‘Not the Same‘, the first single from her upcoming EP, has already won NT Song of the Year 2018 in the Electronic Category. But Rachel is not just an electronic producer – she is just as comfortable in front of an audience with an acoustic guitar and that very special voice.

You can listen to RachelRachel’s new track ‘Wonderful, Whatever‘ here:

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