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DRAFTDAY Release New Single ‘Misspent’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images by DRAFTDAY/Tom Ford/YouTube

Darwin alternative rock outfit DRAFTDAY have released a new single ‘Misspent‘ that shows very clearly how this band has grown and matured musically in their short time together.

Misspent‘ is the sophomore single from their upcoming EP ‘When I Went Away‘, due for release May 19th. DRAFTDAY have continued to make ground, both locally and interstate, with radio play on Triple J attesting to their wide appeal.

Noteworthy with this track is that it does not feel like one thing or another – most bands experimenting with being ‘genre-fluid’ usually opt to do that with individual songs on the one album – not this time. This song bends all the way through, morphing from a contemporary hard-rock feel with off-beat rhythm at the (chorus) start, into a 1980’s The Smiths hard 4/4 textured verse with very Morrissey-esque vocals before picking up a Franz Ferdinand feel at the three-quarter mark. This is smart writing and the execution is very, very good. The guitar intensity provides the emotion, the song a treatise on heartbreak and how the regressive emotions therefrom can blur rational judgment.

The accompanying video, shot by band member Tom Ford, metaphorically portrays this emotional blurring of perception – glitchy, almost dreamlike, the vid perfectly sums up what the band is trying to say – it is an anxiety attack, blind rage and falling down a hole all wrapped into one. Clever visual and vocal effects give an ‘out-of body’ feel, like one is outside oneself looking on as one spirals down.

The big issue for the launch of this quality single is of course that the COVID-19 situation means that, despite the launch date of May 19th, there won’t be a live gig to launch it at, at least not for quite a while. More’s the pity for this, but the band remains philosophical – after all, it isn’t all about them. Says the band’s bassist Manolis Kamitsis: “It’s a touchy topic musicians have to face. The best part is no one is singled out and we’ll all bounce right back when it’s over.” No doubt they will, no doubt at all.

This is good local stuff and is raising the bar in the NT for young bands to not only produce better work, but also to sort out the back-end of things like recording, music videos and marketing for themselves. It helps to have multi-talented contributors on the team who are fast becoming experts in their field, all the while improving the gene pool of professionals that local bands can call on. This is how a local industry culture develops for the good of all, and that is sorely needed at the moment. The track was recorded by DRAFTDAY at Lovely Audio (band member Manolis Kamitsis‘ operation) and by the ubiquitous Darwin legend Benjamin Masters (now Melbourne-based) at Masters Studio. Mixing and mastering was by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at Melbourne’s The Loud Noise Estate, the Darwin-Melbourne connection again working its magic. The band did their own promotional photos. That is grassroots right there, and other bands should take note.

Here is a link to all of DRAFTDAY‘s streaming and other online resources so you can easily get at their music:

Check out the ‘Misspent’ video below:

DRAFTDAY are: Arran Barker – Vocals | Rowan Dally – Drums | Manolis Kamitsis – Bass | Lucas Sharp – Guitar | Tom Ford – Guitar

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