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Tapestry Drop New Single ‘Never Felt The Same’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images: YouTube (video credits in text)

Darwin’s favourite post-hardcore export Tapestry have released their new single ‘Never Felt The Same‘, along with an emotionally raw video to back up the song’s message of being broken in a way that feels beyond repair.

The 5-piece have come along way since their early forays into the wilds of the greater Australian heavy scene, beginning with their move to Melbourne last year. The gamble continues to pay off for the band, and their work and the packaging of it just keeps getting better and better.

Never Felt The Same‘ is something just about anyone can relate to. Vocalist Tom Devine-Harrison says the song is about “someone breaking you to the point of not knowing if you’ll ever recover”, and the imagery from the confronting video conveys the darkness and confusion of being in that headspace.

The use of negative exposure in the music video was an inspired decision – it artfully captures the angst of relationship breakdowns that the band are trying to portray. The imagery says a lot without words, while the music provides the context to the imagery. This is a clever way to tell a story and the band and their production team have nailed it.

The track itself is very polished and what we have come to expect of these fine young musicians. It is instantly recognisable as a Tapestry work – the clean vocals are very clean, the dirty vocals are just dirty enough. The song opens up into an aural assault of rhythm guitar wall-of-sound and breaks down at the 3.08 mark for a very heavy ending. Good stuff that will get a crowd going, once we can have crowds again.

Video credits:

Director/Editor: Crystal Arrow Films

Actress: Olivia Fildes

Engineered by: Nicholas Page

Mixed and Mastered by: Christopher Vernon

Check out the song on these platforms:

Watch the video here:

And here:

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