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Temperamental Feel Alive With ‘Foolish’

Words by Steve Kelk | Images by Steve Kelk/Supplied

Temperamental taking over the Esplanade

Temperamental have been around the Darwin punk scene for a few years now and it seems their nihilistic bent has been honed to perfection with their latest release, ‘Foolish‘.

This very catchy chord-fest rotates through lyrics both dark and humorous at the same time; existential angst expressed through borderline coping techniques delivered matter-of-factly, a nod to the unrelenting tedium of modern life and an anthem for the disaffected – childhood enthusiasm having long been snuffed out.

Whether it’s a pen in the eye or a toaster in the bathtub, a plaintiff cry to feel something – anything – is heard throughout, but with a hint of cheek underscoring it. Temperamental are not known for taking themselves too seriously after all. The track should come with a warning though – ‘Don’t do this at home’.

“The idea behind Foolish came about after scrolling through Facebook and seeing a lot of our friends post really dark content”

Darren Schmitt
Darren Schmitt

As for the inspiration for ‘Foolish‘, guitarist-vocalist Daren Schmitt says:

“The idea behind ‘Foolish’ came about after scrolling through Facebook and seeing a lot of our friends post really dark content. Like most of the lyrics we write, they aren’t to be taken literally, instead ‘Foolish’ should be taken with a grain of salt and some humour. The riff was just an exercise I used to play on guitar. Similar to the exercises Slash would do. When we first played this as a band and Todd hit those menacing cymbals to introduce the rest of the instruments, I was like, “okay let’s play”. ‘Foolish’ for sure is one of my favourites because it’s fun, catchy and has some guts behind it!”

Temperamental – giving the finger to Darwin since 2011

That repetitive riff is certainly recognisable after just one play and no doubt when they kick this one off on stage, the pit will fill. At nearly five minutes, we recognise the lack of variation is a feature, not a bug – it is a song about mind-numbing, drone-like existence after all. ‘Foolish‘ is oddly soothing though, and very relatable. Have a listen here:

Independently recorded as most local content is, the production values of ‘Foolish‘ do the song justice. This is a good indication of the health of the local Darwin music scene and the level of commitment that local artists are bringing to their work. ‘Foolish‘ was written by Darren Schmitt and recorded by Todd Naumann, with mixing and mastering by Simone Pietroforte.

Give ‘Foolish‘ a spin, leave a review wherever possible, buy Temperamental‘s merch and go to their gigs – let’s get the post-covid scene back up and running in 2022.

Temperamental – they’ll do anything to make you feel alive. Not too sure about that toaster though, sounds a bit final.



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