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Cloud Sequence – Tussen Mens En Meermin

Mparntwe/Alice Springs electronic due ‘Cloud Sequence‘ (Saar Amptmeijer and Jeremy Conlon) released a live 25min recording via Youtube and it is not to be missed.

Saar Amptmeijer

Spectacular lighting and highly nuanced sound has been captured in this ‘backyard’ production. Says Cloud Sequence‘s Jeremy Conlon (aka Cooperblack): “We have been devoted to ‘tussen mens en meermin (somewhere between human and mermaid)’, a live home concert film which was shot in the Cloud Sequence backyard in 2021.”

Jeremy Conlon

In collaboration with Drip Focus Films/Stuart Liddell, @effy.marie.smith, @8cccradio and @alicespringstowncouncil and other creatives staying in Mparntwe region, Cloud Sequence have created a 25 min. long home concert film which will premiere on Youtube on March 30 2022. The film travels within the digital and live realm to create an atmosphere and mood where immateriality and materiality meet.

An EP will follow this release in approximately 4 weeks, with the songs on the EP seeded from this live performance.

You can check out the video here – kick back, get comfortable and get lost in the subtle ambience of Tussen Mens En Meermin.

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